Linktest3 – Promises

In Chapter 2, we identified two major categories of deficiencies with using callbacks to express program asynchrony and manage concurrency: lack of sequentiality and lack of trustability. Now that we understand the problems more intimately, it’s time we turn our attention to patterns that can address them. The issue we want to address first is […]

Linktest2 – Callbacks

In Chapter 1, we explored the terminology and concepts around asynchronous programming in JavaScript. Our focus is on understanding the single-threaded (one-at-a-time) event loop queue that drives all “events” (async function invocations). We also explored various ways that concurrency patterns explain the relationships (if any!) between simultaneously running chains of events, or “processes” (tasks, function calls, etc.). […]

Linktest1 – Asynchrony: Now & Later

One of the most important and yet often misunderstood parts of programming in a language like JavaScript is how to express and manipulate program behavior spread out over a period of time. This is not just about what happens from the beginning of a for loop to the end of a for loop, which of course takes some time (microseconds to […]